The Coach + Grow Co. Kajabi Bonus Program

Ready for Kajabi?

Join our Kajabi Bonus Program and get the following bonuses:

✨ Access to Peter's Kajabi Tutorials where he teaches you about offers, sales pages, optin pages, website, courses & emails.

✨ Free 1:1 call with Peter to help you work through any problems you might have.

✨ Free domain setup (domain isn’t required in order to use Kajabi)

✨ 30% off any tech package (IE setting up your whole website, creating a sales page, building an optin page, additional training, etc.)

✨ Sales page template + Kajabi swipe file (just import into your account & customize!)

Optin page template + Kajabi swipe file!

Follow these steps to join our Kajabi Bonus Program...

1). Join the Kajabi 14-day trial using our affiliate link 👇

There are 3 packages to choose from, but most of our coaches go with Basic.

*Note - you have the option to pay annually for a discount, or monthly at regular price - but in order to see monthly pricing you need to toggle the switch above the package options.

2). Complete the form

Enter your name & email to get access to our Kajabi Training Resources...

Kajabi Bonus Program Resources

3). Start setting up your Kajabi account for online health coaching success!

After you get access to your resources you'll see exactly how to setup your Kajabi account. Whether that's building your website, a sales page, an optin page... we've got you covered.

4). Send us any questions you have so far

Simply send an email to [email protected] for guidance on what you're having trouble with. You're VIP as part of our Kajabi Bonus Program, and we want to see you succeed 🤩

5). Gain access to the rest of your Kajabi Bonus Program resources

When your trial ends and you start paying for Kajabi, we'll send you an email with the rest of your bonuses, including how to schedule a 1:1 call with Peter if you still need help :)