Build a Profitable, Scalable + Sustainable Health Coaching Business with
The Coach + Grow Co.

Are you trying to make it online as a Health Coach and failing to see the results you expected?

Is the world missing out on your unique gift because you don’t have the tools to share it with the right people?

I get it! Believe it or not, I’ve been there myself. Starting your online Health Coaching business can seem daunting and it can get overwhelming very quickly when you lack the right direction.


Deep down, you know you can do this. You’re hungry for freedom. You’re after the ultimate work-life balance. You want to get paid for doing what you love while helping people transform their lives. You want the #dreamlife, coach, and you know what?


In the past few years, I’ve helped HUNDREDS of Health Coaches pivot into successful careers with the skills and tools I spent years learning.

I’m here to help you build the strong foundations your business needs to thrive online and be prepared for growth.

When working with The Coach + Grow Co., you’ll get all the tools, strategies, and insider know-how of exactly what works to:

Be your authentic self and sign clients you really love

Create and sell programs with ease

Feel empowered to launch and grow your business with confidence

Have a flourishing online Health Coaching biz

The Coach + Grow Co. is a collective of expert Health Coaches with years of experience in the industry. We meet you where you are to teach you the ropes to totally crushing it online, generating growth and abundance for your business.

Get ready to plant the seeds of your successful Health Coaching business and let’s make this world a healthier place together!

What’s the next step in your Coaching + Growing journey to success? 


What’s the next step in your Coaching + Growing journey to success? 



Hi! I’m Sarah Hagstrom, Health Coach & Business Success Coach, devoted to growing other Health Coaches’ businesses in my mission to make the world a healthier and happier place.

After my Health Coaching Business skyrocketed, I decided to leverage that expertise to help others grow, providing them with an authentic, refreshing and engaging experience that hardly feels like work at all!

I empower Health Coaches like you to embrace their passion, show up for themselves and celebrate their success.

Just like you love seeing your clients thrive in life, I love what I do because I help Health Coaches to ‘Coach + Grow’.

With much love and health,



I received 12 clients in 8 weeks. I couldn’t believe my bank account had another $16k in it in those two months alone. Sarah Hagstrom has absolutely changed my life.

-Stephanie Latawiec

Celebrating tonight because I just booked two clients today!! Already reached my sales goal in the first two weeks of the Launch Course.

-Jannika Rask

Let me tell you if you ever need someone to light that fire and get you moving, Sarah is definitely that person! Move over Tony Robbins, “cause the Hagstroms are taking over.

-Gigi Beaumont

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