The Coach + Grow Co has evolved!

After 5 years of health coaching followed by 4 years of business coaching we were suddenly called to do something different.

Our new direction is The Inner Flow Co:

We love helping coaches, and will continue to be of service, but evolution is something that happens naturally - and in our experience it's best to release control and allow yourself to be pulled in new directions.

So why did we shift to something different?

We’re more interested in empowering you to develop the confidence and trust in yourself to make important decisions in life (business, health, relationships, etc).

Many business & health coaches today are expected to give clients all the answers, advice, recommendations and strategies.

The big problem with that is only YOU can truly know your business, just like you’re the one who knows your body best and intuitively understand your needs.

This is some of the work we’re doing at The Inner Flow Co.

We want you to reconnect with the part of yourself that is powerful, intuitive, and knows that there is no need to perceive a world full of competition - there is room for all of us to do our life’s work and make a good living.

We are still making our most impactful course Launch, Coach + Grow available for purchase, and will always continue to support our fellow coaches.

This course will continue to be a highly valued resource for new health coaches building their businesses for many years to come. The testimonials speak for themselves, and we are proud to have created this 🧡 

Sending you lots of love and best wishes for success,