Find Joy in Becoming a Health Coach and Growing a Business that Truly Matters 🧡

Find Joy in Becoming a Health Coach and Growing a Business that Truly Matters 🧡

Are you trying to start a coaching business, but aren't sure where to start?

Do you have a burning desire to help others in their health journey, but not sure how to market your program in a way that's natural, fun and balanced?

I get it! Believe it or not, I’ve been there myself. Starting your online Health Coaching business can seem scary & overwhelming without the right tools, mindset and support.

Deep down, you know you're capable and can do this. You’re ready to grow without spending hours and hours behind a screen. You want to get paid for doing what you love while helping people transform their lives. You want to be fulfilled, coach, and you know what?


In the past few years, we’ve helped HUNDREDS of Health Coaches pivot into successful careers while maintaining the work-life balance that so many coaches online today struggle with.

We're here to help you develop the confidence and strategies your coaching business needs to thrive in today's online world.

When working with us you’ll get all the tools, resources, feedback and support so you can:

Be your authentic self and attract dream clients

Create and fill your programs with ease

Feel empowered to launch and grow your business with confidence

Earn what you desire without having to spend all your time working 

The Coach + Grow Co. is a collective of talented Health Coaches with many years of experience. We meet you where you are and show you the path to manifesting your dream business, creating purpose & abundance in your life.

Get ready to plant the seeds of your successful Health Coaching business, and together let’s make this world a more beautiful and vibrant place!

Which C+G program is the next step in your coaching journey? 


Which C+G program is the next step in your coaching journey? 


Hi! I’m Sarah Hagstrom, health coach turned business mentor, here to give you the tools & confidence you need to create + grow a coaching practice that feels supportive and meaningful.

After running a fulfilling health coaching practice for 5 years, I was approached by fellow coaches wanting help with theirs. Since then I’ve created a thriving community full of loving coaches, all focused on building businesses that feel successful and in alignment.

I welcome you into my community of fellow coaches, working towards a brighter and more beautiful future.

Please feel to message me on IG so I can personally say hello and learn more about you and your goals.

Sending you love and light, 



" I received 12 clients in 8 weeks. I couldn’t believe my bank account had another $16k in it in those two months alone. Sarah Hagstrom has absolutely changed my life. "

~ Stephanie Latawiec

" Celebrating tonight because I just booked two clients today!! Already reached my sales goal in the first two weeks of the Launch Course. "

~ Jannika Rask

" Let me tell you if you ever need someone to light that fire and get you moving, Sarah is definitely that person! Move over Tony Robbins, 'cause the Hagstroms are taking over. "

~ Gigi Beaumont

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