Why Every Online Coach Should Use Kajabi

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So what is Kajabi?

Kajabi is an 'all in one' tool for online business owners.

If you’re a health coach this is the only software you’ll need.

You can create beautiful sales pages, courses and website, as well as take payment and send out emails automatically to people when they buy something from you or opt-into your email list.

Here are some highlights of what it can do for your business as a health coach…


One of our favorite things to do in Kajabi is creating 'offers', which are essentially how you get paid. You can sell literally anything you want, and you can create custom payment plans as well. What's cool is you can create and send a link to one of your offers without needing a sales page, making it super easy to get paid on the fly.

Watch a recent training on how easy this is on our blog here


In Kajabi you can build any kind of page you want, and the most profitable page you can create is a sales page :) In minutes you can have a beautiful and professional looking page with video, images, testimonials, and a button to purchase your offer inside Kajabi as well (that's right, the entire checkout process is also built-in!) All of this is easy to setup… and they support both Paypal & Stripe, which are free to setup and charge about 3% of your total sale. #costofdoingbizonline


When running an online biz it's important to have a place to host mini courses, products, programs or resources. If not right now, you will eventually sell a product of some sort - and hopefully it’s stored in a secure area. For years we hosted our products on backend Wordpress pages and super complicated to manage & find things - now everything of ours lives inside Kajabi.


You can honestly have your entire website up with Kajabi in a few hours. With Wordpress that process can take weeks, and the learning curve is steep! Being able to quickly generate optin pages, thank you pages, event pages, about pages, sales pages, checkout pages & blog posts is one of my favorite things about Kajabi. Very fast & always looks great… no tech necessary.

BTW - This entire Coach + Grow website is on Kajabi :)


As I just mentioned, optin pages - where you collect subscribers names & emails in exchange for a free gift - are quick to create in this software. All you have to do is style the page (they have a dozen templates to give you ideas), choose which form you want to use, enter in where you want the thank you page to be, and you're done.


Having an email list in addition to social media is must these days. Oftentimes your people won't see your posts on social, but if they also have an email with that same content they might actually get to read it. With Kajabi you can build custom beautiful looking optin pages to collect emails. You can then send broadcasts to your subscribers and/or clients as much as you like. Drafting & sending emails is super simple.

When should I get Kajabi?

We often recommend it to our clients who have done 1:1 coaching, or The Online Health Coaching Launch Course, or are signed up for The $5K Path.

Kajabi is not a cheap tool, so you probably don’t want to sign up for it unless you have a plan for making money.

That being said, anybody can make enough money with their business to cover the cost of Kajabi, as long as you have a few things in place…

  1. A clear niche or business focus
  2. An offer
  3. An audience

Once you have that clarity & focus you can start using Kajabi for building sales pages & offers, which is what you need to generate income.

And once you generate income you can begin to scale your business using all of the other tools within Kajabi, like creating a website, building a course, collecting email addresses, and sending out email broadcasts to your list.

What's the biggest downside to Kajabi?

Let's face it, no software is perfect, right 😂

The problem that 50% of our clients have is learning how to use the program, and figuring out how to bring their website design visions into reality.

This software is actually really great once you learn it, but getting there isn’t always easy. It really just depends on your own tech-savviness.

That’s why we created the Kajabi Bonus Program, so you can get access to Peter’s trainings and step-by-step approach to setting up your whole Kajabi account.

The trainings include...

  • What to setup up right away
  • What things you shouldn’t spend time on yet
  • How to create sales pages & offers so you get paying clients ASAP
  • How to build out the website
  • How to create a course
  • How to collect emails with an optin page

*And pretty much anything else you’re trying to do with Kajabi.

But honestly, once you get going and figure out how it works, you'll be hooked!

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