Growing to that next level with Stephanie Latawiec

coach grow flow Aug 24, 2021

About Stephanie:

Hey, I'm Steph! I've been an IIN health coach for the last four years, but it wasn't until I had my son Jaxxon in 2019 that I finally felt confident in my body and in my ability to help other women navigate their own hormonal imbalances. Now, I love to empower women through online courses and one on one coaching to optimize hormones for weight loss, improve their digestion, and help them achieve metabolic flexibility. I live in Buffalo, NY with my husband, son, and a slew of animals (I have one dog and two cats). When I am not health coaching, I run a women's wellness space called Momma Bee Well, LLC., where I am a full time massage therapist.

Connect with Stephanie:

Instagram: @mrsmommabeewell



Coach + Grow Programs Stephanie has completed:

Launch ,Coach and Grow (Live) & The Mastermind.



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