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About Gillian 

Gillian is a registered holistic nutritionist in Moncton, New Brunswick Canada. Growing up you’d find Gillian on the basketball court, in the pool or running the pavement. Those days came to a halt at the age of 19 when she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Being told she’d be bound to a wheelchair by the time she was 40, Gillian let go of her dreams of living a healthy, active life. Food quickly became her best friend and worst enemy. Feeding her feelings, living under the label, and getting sicker by the day. Gillian ended up in a wheelchair by the time she was 21. After letting the disease control her life for so many years, she decided to get her life back. She explored the avenues of nutrition  and lifestyle choices – something she could control. Step by step Gillian made small changes to her food choices which lead to big results. Within a few days she couldn’t believe she was feeling better and after a few weeks she felt this new wave of energy, energy she hadn’t felt in years, not to mention a 40lbs weight loss! This was the beginning of a magical transformation. You can now find Gillian as a mother, soon to be wife,  running marathons, doing triathlons living life to the fullest. She certainly hasn’t cured the disease but has healed herself to live a vibrant life along side her chronic illness. Gillian has now made it her life’s mission to share her knowledge, experiences and expertise through her nutrition business to help people reach their optimal health.

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