How to use Kajabi with Your Wordpress Website

kajabi tech trainings Mar 09, 2020

When Sarah and I first got Kajabi, it was purely just to use as a place to host courses.

Confession: she had been telling me for months that we needed it, and I was being cheap and kept putting it off. I can't tell you how much I wished we had this sooner, it's been a total game changer for how we run our business online 😂 

But soon after starting our trial, I realized it could also be used as a payment processor with beautiful custom checkout pages - which could be used to sell anything an online coach could desire: coaching, products, courses, events - so much possibility.

At the time though, we also had a fully functioning Wordpress website, so the idea of switching our entire site over to Kajabi seemed overwhelming.

The solution was simple:

  1. Create a login tab on our website menu for clients/members who wanted to access their online products
  2. Send people to our Kajabi checkout pages from our sales pages hosted on our Wordpress site.

This way we could utilize Kajabi’s strength as an online portal for customers, while also offering a sleek way for new clients to pay via credit card and accept our terms & conditions.



So if you’re in the same position, and have a home for your business already inside Wordpress, you can still benefit from Kajabi.

However, if you don’t like using Wordpress, and want to switch everything over to Kajabi, that’s a great option too.

NOTE - the only reason I would recommend against moving everything over is if you’re blogging for SEO traffic, or enjoy using Wordpress plugins for advanced customizing ability

If you’re going to move everything over, just make sure you move everything you want out of your Wordpress site first, because once you move a custom domain over, you won’t be able to access it.

At this point you’ve probably got some questions, so here are a few answers to some common ones

What is the custom domain?

  • The custom domain is what your website url is. It could be anything, like, or… any link you want can be setup on your Kajabi site.

Is setting up a custom domain in Kajabi hard?

  • I’m not going to lie, there are a lot of steps, and there is a lot of technical jargon used during the process - but I’m happy to offer my services if you get stuck with this or anything else Kajabi related.

Do I have to use a custom domain?

  • You don’t. We have two Kajabi sites right now, and one has the custom domain while the other doesn’t. This is great because you can use it for pretty much anything without the url’s of your pages looking too funny. In fact, we actually have clients who still use the domain provided for their website url and don’t miss having a custom one setup.

Is there a way to automate the transfer between Wordpress & Kajabi?

  • There is not, it needs to be done manually. Like I said before though, you may want to keep old blog post content on your old site for better SEO. However, if you only have 10-20 posts you really want to keep, just copy/paste those over to Kajabi. It goes fast once you get into a groove, and you can enlist my help if you don’t want to deal with it :)

I hope this is helpful, and at this point you probably have loads of questions, so please leave them below and I’ll get back to you. 

I wish you the best success with your online success, and using a tool like Kajabi is a great way to increase your income. You can learn more about how we use it here:



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