Case Study with Kayu Hashimoto

coach grow flow Jan 06, 2023

Before Peter and I launched Inner Money Flow, I wanted to start incorporating this work with my clients, so today I'm interviewing my lovely client Kayu about her experience doing this amazing inner work.

Kayu has given me permission to share this interview with my email list. Kayu is a mindset and body work coach, who helps her clients release limiting beliefs, incorporate more plant-based foods as well as somatic healing. If you'd like to connect with her you can find her in the following places: Instagram, FB, TikTok, Podcast.

Let's dive into it...

What was the reason you invested in doing this work with me?

Having had the experience of working with you in your other programs and learning what you've been through last year (healing and spiritual journey), I felt that you'd be a perfect fit to what I wanted to go through for myself starting with money mindset – I knew I wanted to expand and release my limited money mindset and knew you could support me with this.

How would you describe our sessions?

Like a piece of art, when you start digging deeper into the spiritual, soulful stuff, you see loads of "other stuff" that needs to be released when the time is right.

How did it feel to slow down and go within rather than doing busy tasks or what you felt like you "should" be doing?

I feel like I would have had a harder time slowing down if I didn't have the information around personal traits and spiritual ground work beforehand. The book recommendations from you over the years: Abraham Hicks, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Eckhart Tolle, etc. I also feel like I had "just enough momentum" around self-awareness, meaning I was able to "observe" my thoughts rather than getting sucked in my thoughts.

What was something you experienced during our work together that you weren't expecting?

I didn't expect to start having dreams! As mentioned, I don't normally dream at all. So, having to dream "anything" was one thing, but dreaming about what seemed to be sitting in my subconsciousness was a surprise, slightly daunting at times, yet each experience was very interesting. By dreaming rather heavy, negative and unwelcoming dreams allowed my consciousness to access my subconsciousness and it ended up being a part of the inner work I needed to do.

Another thing was working on my self-compassion, forgiveness, self-healing, body memory, and somatic memory in the way that I did. Meaning, now that I've been through it reflecting back on what I've been through, it all makes sense that the more self-compassion work I did, and more forgiveness, the more my healing happened.

What result/outcome are you most proud of?

Despite the thoughts of "shouldn't I be posting more" "engaging more" "working on my content more" (from this mindset of more is better), once I accepted it, allowed it to be there, and moved on, not only I was able to give myself "just enough time to slow down", but also to be in alignment with the type of service I want to deliver.

How would you describe your money mindset or self-trust now vs. when we started?

When we started I knew I wanted to expand the capacity of my money mindset. I didn't know how. Through our work, I realized that I still had a "scarcity mindset" about money, like "I need to earn" rather than "money comes in return for delivering the transformative program" - I was then able to pinpoint where I was stuck. Even though I thought I was taking the right actions before this work, it wasn't working. And by slowly moving through the inner work, my content started to flow, and as it did, my money mindset started to expand. It felt as if a heavy weight that I had before has lifted.

~ ~ ~ ~

Isn't Kayu amazing?

She will be continuing on this journey with myself and Peter inside Inner Money Flow; if you'd like to join us, you can do so here:


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