The Coach + Grow Co. empowers coaches to connect with their inner confidence, align their offerings with ideal clients, implement time efficient strategies for marketing, and run their programs with ease and abundance.

We support coaches in the wellness space such as health coaches, life coaches, spiritual coaches, mindset coaches, nutritionists, personal trainers, etc.

The thing is, we're all focused on 1 goal: to share our gifts with those who need them most. And in today’s world, there is a big demand for coaches - especially those we connect with on an energetic level.

And we don’t need to tell you, there is no shortage of coaches offering to help you with your business.

What makes us different and your experience with us so special?

We specialize in working with health & wellness coaches; our coaching support team is made up of previous or current coaches in the wellness space.

We have a support and feedback first model, where we connect with every student and give feedback on all coursework and questions within 48 hours (M-F).

We infuse intentionality into our strategies and believe you can work less and achieve more when you're intentional. We teach how to grow your business in 5 hours a week for those who have little time but desire an online business that helps others.

We don't just sell courses. We offer a supportive student community, weekly trainings, and group coaching calls. We value collaboration and strive to connect as many coaches with others who can support and cheer them on.

What We Value at C+G


We are always centered in our hearts when making business decisions.


We understand that everyone is having a unique life experience, and we honor their freedom of choice.


Pursuing your passion is one of the most important things you can do with your life


The masculine with the feminine; the heart with the head. Business can be used for transformation, not just profit.


We are not afraid to embrace and lead with our unique talents.


We maintain an environment where new ideas may be born and old ideas can evolve.

When you work with us, here’s what we promise…

We will make it our personal goal to help you enjoy becoming a health coach and growing a business that makes a difference in peoples lives.

We want you to…

🧡 Feel connected with your most confident self.

🧡 Find the niche that feels right for you.

🧡 Develop a program that is in alignment with what you believe works and what your client desires.

🧡 Love what you're posting and sharing about with your community & followers.

🧡 Feel good about offering your services to those who need them.

🧡 Earn as much as you desire as a health coach; the right amount is different for everyone.

🧡 Have work-life balance, so you can always feel centered, steady and fulfilled.

How it all started

The Coach + Grow Co. was founded by Sarah Hagstrom.

Here is the story in her own words…


I never planned on being a business coach. It was the last thing I wanted to do if I'm being honest. However, I was health coaching for five years, was working for myself, brought my husband Peter on board, and then hired an assistant to help. I ran a membership site, 1:1 coaching, and hosted in-person retreats during this time.

Things were going well and very stable; I was doing a rinse-and-repeat system.

Then one day, a health coach asked if I could teach her about a plant-based diet (which was my niche at the time), we worked together for three months, and she loved it. When we finished, she asked me if I could help her with her coaching business; she wanted to run one like mine. I tried to talk her out of it, citing successful business coaches she could work with instead, but she didn't have it. Instead, she said she would be honored to build a community like I had, so we worked together for six months, and in that time, she was able to leave her job, which took me years to do. That was the start of my journey to becoming a business coach for health coaches; I can do part two if this interests you; just let me know.

I wanted to share this because I never in a million years thought I would be doing what I'm doing today, I know I struggled with my health coaching business, so I can help you avoid the same mistakes. I know what it's like trying to get people to connect with you online, how self-doubt creeps in and makes you question everything; that experience makes me a more compassionate coach. When I look back, my crazy life makes sense; I know now to trust the process even when I can't make sense of it.

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